You are what you eat

Food is the fuel that makes your body function, and as such, the type of nutrition that you intake will have a direct impact on your wellbeing, energy levels, ability to exercise and remain healthy. I have set out two extensive nutrition plans to help you eat healthier, sleep better and give your body the best nutrients. This will boost your immune system and give you increased energy for your workouts.

Nutrition Plans

8 Week Meal Plan
+ Home Bodyweight Exercise Plan

8 week set meal plan with 100’s of recipes, shopping list, swap food list and an 8 Week Home Bodyweight Exercise Program.

£129 £89

1-2-1 Coaching

Based around nutritional goals, forward planning. Meet myself via Zoom or face to face.

Coaching you involves discussing and structuring a tailored meal plan exclusive to your requirements.

This helps you understand which foods are suitable to help you reach your goals incorporating foods you currently enjoy.

I've been going to Tracy for a while now. I also used to go to PIYO for about 4 months after the birth of my youngest child. I like her, she's normal. Because she's a mum and not 20 she gets what issues my body has and why it's like this. There's no judgement. She helped me find my self confidence again. And has kept me sane during this Lockdown with a sense of routine and normality.

Maeve Currie